The Best New York Apple for Your Needs

Second in apple production across the states, New York’s apple options may prove daunting at first glance.

Offering upwards of forty varieties, these options run the gamut from traditional breeds such as Red Delicious, to recently patented strains including Cornell’s Snapdragon.  Varying wildly depending on individual harvest season, taste and consistency, all apples are not created equal.

Below, New York’s top picks are broken down by flavor, crop season and recipe suggestions to help you make your choice.

jonagoldinfo     honeycrispinfo

(Applesauce & Pies)                                                    (Crisps & Baking)

fujiinfo     idaredinfo

(Applesauce & Salad)                                                 (Applesauce & Pie)

empireinfo     galainfo

(Coleslaw & Salad)                                               (Sandwiches & Guacamole)

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